Editing Settings to Unlock ZenithAI Auto

You’ve made the organization. You’ve seen how to view results. You’ve even made it do something for you. Now is where the real fun begins: adding capabilities and tweaking the output to perfection. With the combination of proper wording and these various capabilities, the sky is truly the limit.

Picking up where we left off, press the organization settings link above the task command box.

From there, you should see something like the following:

You can tweak the Task Agent Prompt and the Brainstorming Agent prompt here. You can also see other fields. If you toggle the discrete mode button, you will prevent ZenithAI Auto from doing things on its own (not recommended) but it will still be able to do tasks on your behalf that you submit directly through the command button.

Wait Time determines how long it will take between doing any tasks (lower time = more tasks done for any given amount of time).

Commands allowed will determine what commands the system is able to do on its own. These should be entered in separated by commas (eg, “brainstorm, code, search_google, view_page, extract_contact_info, publish_blog, zapier_action”). By default, brainstorm, search_google, view_page, and extract_contact_info are available.

Going to the blogging tab, we see the following:

The blogging agent prompt works similarly to the brainstorming agent prompt, taking in the details about the kind of voice you expect it to write in and the overall structure. It works best if you talk to it just like with the brainstorming prompt. SEO keywords will help tailor the article to your needs. The other three fields are for allowing ZenithAI Auto to submit blog articles directly to your WordPress site (if you have one) rather than just to documents. Currently they require XMLRPC and username and password, so use at your own risk. We are in the process of developing a more secure solution (where you will most likely just have to click a button).

Our Facebook integration is a work-in-progress, so please check back for more information on that.

As for Zapier and Lead Qualification, we have two entire articles about that.

If you are a developer or you just need code for something, the Programming area is for you. Just put in the programming language and system description and you’re good to go. Don’t have a language? That’s okay. You can put “anything” or “whatever works best”. Don’t have a system? Again, okay, you can just put what you want to be made. If you are a programmer and you want more detailed responses, you can put in specific coding conventions, a general overview of your codebase, important functions to use (with their syntax) and examples to follow.

When you’re done editing, just hit “Update Organization”. Be sure to do this, otherwise you will lose all the changes you made.

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