Making ZenithAI Auto Do Tasks

It’s fairly straightforward to make ZenithAI Auto do a task for you. First, log in, or click the Organization List link on your top bar. Then select an organization:

Once you’ve selected the organization, you should see something like the below. On the right, you can see the tasks that ZenithAI Auto has completed for you already (in green) as well as the ones that it will be doing over the next hour or so (in blue). In the center you can see a box. To submit a task, simply put the command in the box along with whatever it is you want ZenithAI Auto to do for you. For example, you can say “brainstorm a new marketing campaign for my company” or “publish_blog how AI will change the future”. The panels below tell you what each of these does, and clicking on any of them will put the command in the box. Once you are done filling it out, simply press “submit task”. The task should show up in the Documents List within a minute or so. Simply go there to see the results.

“plan” is especially useful for things that are sequential, but you will have to wait for the system to execute the steps on its own for now.

To get more granular control over the long-term behavior, or to expand the capabilities of the system, such as writing code, writing blog posts, automatically replying to emails, publishing to social media, or using Zapier to do things ranging from posting on most social media sites, to generating/uploading videos, making power points, and interacting with a vast number of applications, you will have to change the settings.

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