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ZenithAuto is your 24/7 agent aimed to skyrocket your business performance. Zenith operates on auto-pilot, prototyping code, creating engaging blog posts, social media updates, and much more.

Whether you are brainstorming multi-step actions plans, reviewing literature, ZenithAI Auto does it all. Fully integrated with over 5,000 Zapier apps, the possibilities are truly limitless.

Top Features:

  • 24/7 Task Accomplishment: Information gathering, report creation, and strategic planning—all while you sleep.
  • Marketing and Content Generation: From ad copy to social media posts, ZenithAI Auto has got you covered.
  • Customizable Email and Webchat: Streamline your sales and customer support like never before.

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ZenithAI Assist- Available on WhatsApp, Web, and SMS


Powered by GPT-3.5 and GPT-4, ZenithAI Assist seamlessly integrates into your life, offering tailored solutions for students, researchers, marketers, writers, travelers, entrepreneurs, and more. With capabilities such as boosting academic performance, expediting information discovery, generating innovative ideas, crafting engaging content, overcoming writer’s block, planning seamless itineraries, and enhancing efficiency, ZenithAI Assist adapts to your unique needs. Experience the future of personalized assistance and coaching with ZenithAI Assist- optimizing your life and saving you time.

Experience the next level of personal assistance with ZenithAI Assist- your all-in-one solution for life optimization. Fueled by cutting-edge generative AI and large-language models, ZenithAI Assist delivers detailed, relevant answers to a diverse range of questions across personal, business, financial, academic, and local domains. Discover nearby resources, plan tailored itineraries, create compelling marketing materials, draft messages, explore recipes, and stay informed on complex, ever-changing topics. ZenithAI Assist empowers you with mindfulness, the Pomodoro method, and other techniques for achieving balance and productivity. As a learning system with long-term memory, ZenithAI Assist adapts to your unique needs, offering personalized advice, scheduling reminders, and keeping you on track to reach your full potential. Embrace the future of assistance and coaching with ZenithAI Assist – designed to elevate every aspect of your life.

Create a Full Schedule Instantly

ZenithAI can make a full itinerary for your day with real restaurants and sights in your local area just by you asking for it to do so. This isn’t even behavior that was coded for. The possibilities for what ZenithAI can do with its access to information about the real world are beyond even our imagination.

Virtual Empowerment

ZenithAI uses virtual conversations to help clients recognize their strengths and develop their goals in life. Our technology provides tailored advice and guidance based on your unique life circumstances, empowering you to make the most of your life. It will help you stay on track and reach your goals while providing personalized recommendations and actionable advice to help you see the best outcome.

Mindfulness Coaching

ZenithAI can help clients become more mindful and present in their lives by providing personalized guidance and support based on their specific needs.

ZenithAI is available 24/7 via WhatsApp (globally) and SMS (US only)


“When I first heard of ZenithAI, I was skeptical it would be more than a preprogrammed chatbot. Then, it gave me tax advice that saved me $4500. This is truly a game changer!”

-Tony Herrera, Real Estate Agent and Musician


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