Lead Qualification with ZenithAI Auto

Lead qualification is an important part of the marketing process. ZenithAI Auto comes with a lead qualification tool. We are currently in the process of expanding this further, making it omnichannel and allowing you to import lists, but for now, it can reply to any inquiries that come in via email.

To set this up, first go to settings for your organization. Then, go to the lead qualification tab. You should see something that looks like the below.

We recommend that you set up a dedicated Google Account for this purpose instead of an email you already use. Doing this will ensure that the system is only replying to relevant emails (eg sales and customer support inquiries). From here, sign in with Google and give the system all the permissions asked for. Currently, our application is in testing phase, so you will need to contact us and tell us what the email you want to set up with Google is. This will change in the future.

From here, fill the “Omnichannel Reply Bot Prompt” to enable it to answer your sales and/or customer service inquiries. Tell it what your business is, how you would like it to respond, etc. Give it a name (eg Zenny) and tell it what kind of expertise it should exhibit (‘you are a sales representative for a law firm with X years of experience’ etc).

The Footer field is your email signature. By default we include a message to disclose that this is an automated message from an AI system, but this is for you to include details about how to actually reach you, what your business is, links to your Calendly (if you don’t have it, it’s a great idea to get it) etc. Put anything here that you would want to show up in every message.

The Email subject Prompt and Email body prompt are for the system to be able to send and draft emails on your behalf. While this is already also possible with Zapier, this gives another option.

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