Success Stories of Programmatic Buying Impact on ROI

Programmatic Buying and Its Impact on ROI: Success Stories

Programmatic buying has revolutionized the advertising world, offering precise targeting and efficient ad delivery. Let’s delve into some compelling case studies that showcase the impactful results of programmatic buying on Return on Investment (ROI).

Case Study 1: Gerard’s Programmatic Distribution

Advertiser: Gerard, Hungarian roof manufacturers

Advertising Agency: Advant Technology

Challenge: Gerard aimed to raise awareness among new users actively seeking a new roof.

Marketing Approach: Advant used programmatic targeting strategies through display banners, native ads, and video-led campaigns.

Key Results: Achieved over 1 million impressions consistently.

Case Study 2: Local Now’s Revenue Surge

Advertiser: Local Now American OTT service

Advertising Agency: PubMatic

Challenge: Local Now aimed to enhance expansion across CTV and streaming platforms.

Marketing Approach: Partnered with PubMatic for comprehensive audit and optimization review.

Key Results: Witnessed a +282% YoY revenue increase.

Case Study 3: Kellogg’s Increased Ad Visibility

Advertiser: Kellogg Company

Advertising Agency: Cyber Publicity

Challenge: Kellogg sought to deliver personalized messaging to target audiences.

Marketing Approach: Utilized programmatic buying through DoubleClick Digital Marketing.

Key Results: Visibility of ads increased by 25%.

Case Study 4: Telemedicine Company’s Remarkable ROI

Advertiser: A telemedicine company

Advertising Agency: Genius Monkey

Challenge: To increase patient visits during peak seasons through innovative advertising.

Marketing Approach: Utilized data-driven approach and customized dashboards for improved tracking.

Key Results: 300% return on ad spend, 150% increase in patient consultations.

These success stories highlight the power of programmatic buying in achieving substantial ROI and meeting marketing objectives effectively.

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