Agency Success Story: Doubling ROI with Targeted Ads

Case Study: How an Agency Doubled ROI with Targeted Ads

Marketing agencies are constantly seeking innovative strategies to maximize return on investment (ROI) for their clients. One remarkable case study highlights how a specific agency managed to double their ROI through targeted advertising.

The agency initiated a detailed process that proved to be highly successful:

Phase 1: Pre-launch

Ads were targeted towards the client’s free event, generating 391 leads, with a total of 523 organic and tracked leads. Audience targeting included a Lookalike 2% of Past Clients, Lookalike 1% of Past Clients, and a Layered Interest Audience, with the latter two achieving the best cost per lead.

Phase 2: Launch

The client hosted a 3-day live event on Facebook Group, ensuring active engagement by assigning daily homework tasks that led to a contest with a free consultation as the prize.

Phase 3: Close

Upon opening the cart for the offer, retargeting ads were activated for those who registered for the event and the warm audience on Instagram. The cart remained open for 7 days.

Phase 4: Upsell

Future plans include upselling higher-level services to increase the lifetime cart value of each lead, emphasizing the importance of long-term customer value.

This case study exemplifies the power of targeted advertising when implemented strategically, resulting in a significant boost in ROI for the agency and its client.

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