ZenithAI Auto Guide -Getting Started

ZenithAI Auto is an extremely versatile autonomous agent powered by a large language model that can generate blog posts, conduct research, brainstorm, do basic outreach, and a lot more. Here is a simple guide to help you get started.

First sign up. To do that, go to auto.zenithai.io and click “Don’t have an account? Sign up”, then fill out the relevant information.

After this, it’s time to make your first organization. You can do that by pressing the “create an organization” link in the Organizations, “Create Organization” in the top bar.

From here, you are taken to the Create Organization Page. To create an organization, fill out the Organization Name, Brainstorming Prompt, and Task Agent Prompt fields. The name can be anything you want.

The Task Agent prompt should be a detailed description of exactly what you want ZenithAI Auto to do for you, along with any necessary information (eg links you would like to promote in blogs or social media). Treat it like you are talking to a person, trying to let them know what their job is and what they need to know to fulfill it.

The Brainstorming prompt should be a detailed description of an ideal expert for the purposes of your organization. Tell ZenithAI that it is this ideal expert. It also helps to tell it how it should brainstorm (eg, by thinking step-by-step, by imagining that there are multiple experts having a discussion and reaching a conclusion, etc) and how its responses should look (eg, for legal research purposes, giving claims and providing evidence, for business ideas, giving the ideas as well as criticisms and ways to avoid pitfalls, for educational purposes, giving a deep dive and additional resources, etc).

After you are done, press the Create Organization button.

From here, your organization should be created, and you should be back on the organization list page, with your organization displayed. If this is what you see, congratulations! You’ve made your first autonomous organization. Now the system will do a task on its own every 30 minutes.

Go here to see how to view the results of these tasks.

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