ZenithAI offers tiered pricing to suit your situation. All of our tiers come with the support of ZenithAI’s scheduling functionality, long term memory, and custom knowledge base, as well as integration with Google search and Wikipedia for more factual and up-to-date information.

Free trial and free tier: Free users have a 3 day free trial with no payment method requirement. After those days are up, they automatically have access to the free tier of two messages per day.

Basic tier: For $5.99, people have access to 25 messages per day through our website (or the coming mobile app) and 15 messages per day through WhatsApp.

Premium tier: For $19.99, we give access to unlimited messages with the base model (GPT-3.5-turbo) and up to 70 messages per week with GPT-4. This also has access to SMS. Additionally, new features will be preferentially given to users of this tier and above

Pro tier: For $49.99, we give access to unlimited messages with both GPT-3.5-turbo and GPT-4.

Custom: We are always trying to improve our product to meet the needs of our customers. If you have a feature request, or you have a custom use-case or other inquiry, feel free to contact us and we will get back in a timely fashion (usually within 24 hours).

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